2019 Speakers


Lynn Warren

Lynn was born to Harold and Celeste Dowdy, the second of four children.  She spent much of her childhood sneaking out of bed, listening late into the night to her father’s discussions with visiting evangelists and being empowered by their zeal for the Lord.  Lynn has taught Bible classes in Florida, Missouri, Tennessee, Indiana, and Georgia, and loves to tell the story of Jesus.  She was owner and CEO of an international tourism corporation, and instrumental in starting four additional companies.  When her parents need constant care, she sold her principal business to the state of Florida and became her parents’ primary caregiver.  She is blessed to be mother and grandmother to a faithful family, her son, John Warren, daughter and son-in-law, Christy and Russell Myers, and three young adult grandchildren who share God’s word with new generations. She lives in Jacksonville, FL.

Speaking on the topic of “What Makes A Pure Heart”


Cindi Malone

Cindi is from Gallatin, Tennessee.  She has been married to her husband Allen for 37 years and together they have two sons and seven grandchildren.  Allen is an evangelist and they have served congregations in Indiana, Virginia, Mississippi, and Tennessee as well as in Vietnam where they lived for two years and helped establish a new congregation.  Cindi is a full-time real estate agent making it possible for Allen to travel overseas to evangelize.  She loves teaching, serving, and entertaining in her home. Cindi also feels driven to help families in crisis due to addiction. 

Speaking on the topic of “What Robs You Of A Pure Heart”


Sherridon Dobbs

Sherridon lives in Grayson, Georgia. She has been married to her childhood sweetheart, Glenn, for 35 years.  Together they are blessed with one daughter, three sons, and two daughters-in-law.   Sherridon and her daughter are pediatric Speech-language Pathologists and have the pleasure of working together in the same practice.  Sherridon has spoken to ladies’ groups on various occasions, taught Bible classes for decades, served as a counselor at Georgia FC camp for sixteen years, and has helped organize Atlanta Women’s Weekend since its inception ten years ago.  One of her greatest joys is to encourage and strengthen others.

Speaking on the topic of “Living With A Pure Heart”

2019 Workshop Leaders


Janet Hicks

Janet Hicks lives in Cumming, Georgia, with her husband of 32 years attending the Mountain View church since 1995.  She has two daughters, one son-in-law, and several others she holds close to her heart.  Janet has taught many women's and children's Bible classes over the years.  She manages an online resale clothing store and loves serving on the Atlanta Women's Bible study committee.  She is an integral part of AWW in charge of Finances and Fundraising. Janet spends her time supporting her husband, caring for her household, supporting young people and assisting her aging parents while squeezing in art when ever she possibly can.

Leading a discussion on fiery anger. The Charred Heart.


Jennifer Maxey

Jennifer Maxey has been married for 21 years to Kevin Maxey.  She endeavors to fulfill her role as helpmeet to Kevin as he preaches the gospel. Together, Jennifer and Kevin have been a part of the Lord's work in Germany, Lithuania, Phillippines, Arkansas, and Tennessee.  Jennifer's education includes an AA from Florida College, BA from MTSU, ND from Clayton, and postgraduate work at Bridgeport.  Currently, Jennifer is a full-time Christian, wife, homemaker, and homeschool mother of 5 children.  Kevin, Jennifer, and their family work and worship with the church in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

Leading a discussion on being judgmental and comparing. The Hardened Heart


Christy Scally

Christy Scally is a native of Alpharetta, Georgia. She is a graduate of Auburn University, was the Director an environmental educational facility recognized by the Smithsonian and National Geographic named the E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center in Freeport, Florida.  Christy is currently a successful Realtor/Associate Broker/Business owner in the Atlanta area. She is a Leadership Forsyth Alumnae, known for her diligent work, great follow-through, communication skills, and ability to negotiate some of the most challenging circumstances. Her greatest pride is being a mother of two faithful children, Katie and Cullan. She has overcome tremendous trials after a losing all material possessions when her 17 year-marriage failed.  Her life demonstrates how not to be a victim of circumstances, rather use the circumstances to show God’s blessings to others. 

Leading a discussion on stress. The Constricted Heart.


2019 Song Leader


Amie Kincaid

Amie is from Georgetown, Kentucky.  She and her husband Rodney have been married for 28 years. They have three children: a son-Connor, and identical twin daughters-Kayla and Mattie. Amie is a member at East End church of Christ in Lexington, KY.  Before having children, Amie was a high school choir director for eleven years. She put her career on hold to stay-at-home with her children until they were in school but decided to homeschool her children who are now all in high school. She has worked part-time with the Scott County Schools Gifted Education Music Program for the past thirteen years and choral director of the Georgetown Community Singers for the past 14 years. She loves teaching older kids and ladies’ bible classes, reading, watching UK basketball, and playing the piano.