2012 Speakers

Our theme for 2012 was “Live Peaceably With All” taken from Romans 12:18
“If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.”


Here are our session topics and speakers from 2012:


Jenni Crolius–Conway, AR

The Christian life is one where we know we are to submit our will to others, but it can be so hard sometimes! Often the thing blocking us from giving up what we want is pride, and that can be devastating in our relationships. We will explore how denying what we want can make relationships work again, and practical ways to put pride–and self–aside. Audio


Robin Clifton–Kaysville, UT

Sometimes when we’ve been wronged, we are tempted to get even–through things as overt as gossip or revenge, or as seemingly benign as the silent treatment. God wants us to do better! We’ll study the Biblical idea of forgiveness and how God can free us through it. Audio


Liz Roberts–Vienna, VA

We want everything right now, don’t we? Especially when it comes to healing a damaged relationship–whether it’s patching things up or delving into deeper hurts. But sometimes fixing things can be a process, and not always a quick one. We’ll look at the need for patience as we work through problems, and how to cultivate it. Audio

Making Peace

Paula Walker–Tampa, FL

Jesus says peacemakers will be called children of God, but just what is a peacemaker? Clearly it’s not one who might stir up trouble. But it’s also not a woman who is content to be quiet and pretend everything is alright, or one who sits around waiting for the other person to offer apology. We will look at how women actively make peace for the Lord’s sake.  Audio


2012 Speaker Bios


Robin Clifton Robin has been on the Christian journey for 33 years, learning and growing in the Lord through mistakes made, blessings given, and the edification of the saints in her home congregation and her dear Christian friends.
She is married to the love of her life and greatest earthly blessing Paul. They are blessed to have 5 wonderful Christian children, three from birth, Cody, Megan and Mark, and 2 children-in-law, Randy and Brittany.   In addition, they have an adorable granddaughter, Avery, and a little grandson on the way.
Robin’s passion is learning and teaching.  She was a public school teacher for 22 years, teaching science to 9th graders.  She teaches ladies classes, children’s classes, and a young married women’s class in her home congregation.  She has also worked with refugee children as a tutor with the International Refugee Committee.
She enjoys running, quilting, and working with their horses.  But what she enjoys most is spending time with her family and church family.  “I love waking up each day wondering what the Lord has in store for me…wondering what He has to teach me that day…being thankful for each challenge, opportunity and blessing He brings to me.”


Jenni Crolius lives in Conway, Arkansas with Jerry, her husband of 28 years.  Jerry is the full-time preacher and one of the elders at the Prince Street Church of Christ in Conway.  Jenni spends her days home-educating their youngest son, Joey, who is in the 5th grade. Their two elder children have graduated from home-education already: Laura (Crolius) Choate graduated from in 2005, and David graduated in 2011 and currently serves in the United States Air Force. Jenni enjoys her life full of Bible studies, writing, speaking, and teaching children’s and ladies’ Bible classes.


Liz Roberts The middle child of five, Liz was born to Ed and Deedee Harrell in Johnson City, Tennessee.  The Harrell family moved quite regularly during Liz’s childhood years, living in Tennessee, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Alabama in addition to short periods of time in Minnesota and a year and a half in Allahabad, India.
Liz married Russ Roberts in 1983; they have two grown children; both are married and faithfully working in congregations in Fayetteville, Georgia and Adana, Turkey.  Russ and Liz lived 16 years in Germany and England before moving back to America nine years ago to live in the northern Virginia – Washington DC area.
The Roberts currently work with the saints at the Annandale church in Virginia where Russ serves as an elder, and both participate in teaching classes and serving in whatever way is needed.


Paula Walker Paula was born and raised in Jax, FL. She met Ralph Walker at Florida College in 1973 and married him as soon as possible. They have enjoyed 37 years of marriage, raised 3 daughters, lived in Kentucky, Mississippi and North Carolina, before returning to Tampa, FL. Their daughters married and have blessed them with 8 grandchildren (so far). Paula works as a 1st grade teacher at Temple Terrace Elementary. Her favorite place to be is in the kitchen (until it’s time to do the dishes). She is most thankful for her godly parents who taught her “the way” both in word and deed and for the man of her dreams who has given her everything she’s ever wanted… that really matters.


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