2010 Speakers


Dana Burk is the mother of three faithful Christians and proud grandmother of 5 grandchildren; ages 13 to 3. She and her husband, Tol, reside on the island of Puerto Rico where he labors with numerous congregations throughout the Caribbean and South America. During Tol’s nearly 30 years of preaching, they have also worked with congregations in TX, KY and TN. Dana has developed Bible Class curriculums, VBS and personal work series used throughout the states and Caribbean islands and has taught at numerous women’s groups and ladies classes over the years.  She is also the author of  the book I Will Not Be Lukewarm and has another in progress called Stirring Silent Generations based on Titus 2. In her spare time Dana loves to write, spend time with her grandbabies, Coco the parrot and her 3 yorkies.


Kristiana Burk grew up as a missionary/preacher’s kid split between TX and the Caribbean. She spent her 20s working and living in various states across the south.  An Atlanta resident now, she is 100% in the single season of life and 30s, enjoying the rich blessings and adventures that come her way.  Kristiana has a Masters in Library Science & Knowledge Management with an Education degree.  She is currently Director of Product Development for Discovery Communications Digital Media.  Her passion is using web and Social Media tools to spread the gospel as well as working with young women to understand  security and hope comes only in the Lord. She can’t live without her iPhone, running shoes, passport, Spanish translation dictionary or Sprite Zero.


Nancy Fink has been married to Ross for 37 years and has two grown sons – still no grandchildren but several granddogs. She is a retired radiologic technologist where she worked in hospitals and medical facilities in CA, TX and AR for over 35 years.  Nancy and her husband love working with young people and have been involved with the FC Summer Camps for 14 years. They proudly claim over 150 “adopted” grandchildren each year from these camps.  She’s heard of an empty nest, but only experienced it for 3 weeks– Nancy and Ross have cared for their elderly parents for over 10 years. In her spare time, Nancy enjoys traveling and studying Biblical history.


Margaret Head is a Kansas native who now resides in Roswell, Georgia as a retired nurse. She has helped care for a number of Christians in the midst of terminal illnesses and learned many valuable lessons from these brethren as they demonstrated faith and courage during difficult times.  Margaret is also the author of two books: It Can Be Done, dealing with the hardships her mother faced; and the second, Can Grief Be A Blessing, which is designed to help others understand how grief can be a vehicle of spiritual growth.  She has taught various Bible classes in her home and the homes of others, as well as classes for lower grades. God has blessed her with four children, eight grandchildren and fourteen great grandchildren. Two of her grandsons are active in teaching the Gospel of Christ.


Judi Johnson was born in Mississippi to two young Christians who taught her to love the Lord and to seek Him first through their own undying love for Him.  She has been married to Charles for 36 years where they have lived in Wisconsin working with the Lord’s church and raising their children. She is the mother of two faithful Christians and still patiently waiting for God’s wonderful blessings of grandchildren. At the age of 14 Judi taught her first Bible class where her passion for teaching others about Christ was ignited. She is looking forward to and is thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this special weekend in Atlanta with her sisters in Christ.


Valerie McClendon was born in Georgia and has lived there her entire life.  At present, she lives in Canton, GA and worships with a group of christians that meets in Roswell.  She has been married to Woody for 27 years and together they have four children – Jake (19); Nicolas (16); Alexandria (12) and Micaela (7).  Her interests are greatly influenced by two things – her relationship with Jesus Christ and her present stage of life.  Her days are filled with activities that revolve around her children and school (both public and home school).  In her spare time she loves to study, work in her yard, read and be on the water with her family.


Heather Wells grew up in Columbus, IN in a family that served God and studied at Florida College for two years.  In her 20s she received a Communications and Spanish degree from WKU.  More importantly, she spent a lot of time attending bible studies, singings and fell in love with the LORD while making good friends of His children.  In her late 20s Heather married Lawrence and finally understood Song of Solomon; learning on a whole new level what it means to be the bride of Christ.  In her 30s she gave birth to two children. Thus began her  journey of truly appreciating God as  Father.  Heather turned 40 in April and enters this new decade in a new home with a new hat to wear – preacher’s wife.  She’s look forward to the lessons that await her in this season of life.


Bette Wolfgang is a mother of two faithful daughters & son-in-laws with 2 beautiful grandaughters, ages 5 and 3. She has been married to Steve Wolfgang, a gospel preacher and college history teacher for 41 years. Bette has taught numerous children’s, teenage girls’, and women’s Bible classes since she was in her early twenties and for the past 24 years worked as a certified psychologist in Central Kentucky until moving to the Chicago area in 2009. Bette also has a BA in English, and taught briefly at the high school level.  She has written and edited for newspapers over the years, including several articles for religious periodicals. Other interests include the aforementioned granddaughters, her dog Mo, and writing.

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